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Adult Residential Facility (ARF)

If you would like to work in a setting where you can help people achieve their goals and change their direction in life, becoming a group home administrator could be the career path for you.

The Continuum of Care Reform seeks to realize California’s longstanding goal of ensuring that all children live as members of committed, nurturing, and permanent families. Research indicates that children remaining in group care for long periods of time have poorer outcomes than those living in a family setting, including a higher likelihood of arrest, homelessness, and reentry to foster care. The current policy framework for group care has not kept pace with child welfare, mental health practice, and desired outcomes. However, this type of care – often group homes characterized by large campus facilities and staff who care for children in shifts – remains a high cost placement option for children in foster care. Based on broad stakeholder input, the Continuum of Care Reform effort will phase out traditional group homes as a foster care placement and target the use of group care to Short-term Residential Therapeutic Centers (STRTCs) intended to provide short-term, high quality, intensive interventions, which is just one part of a continuum of care available for children in foster care. Services will be designed to transition them back home or to another permanent family as soon as possible.

Short Term Residential Therapeutic Centers (RCFE)

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)

Therapeutic group homes are designed to serve children with significant behavioral health or developmental issues.  The program design calls for clinical services provided in the home by licensed mental health professionals.  On-going monitoring of psychotropic medications is provided on-site by a psychiatrist employed by the licensee.  Limited nursing services are provided in the home with community based medical services being utilized for well-child care, as well as on-going care of medical issues.

Group Home (GH)

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ARF, also known as adult Residential facilities, board and care homes, residential care or personal care homes offer personalized service to small groups of adults. These residential homes provide lodging, meal services and assistance with daily living activities.

The ARF is licensed by the State Department of Social Services and provides non-medical care and daily supervision for up to 204 residents 18 years or older.

Group home staff members are direct care workers whom administer personal care to different demographics. Residents require daily supervision and assistance. At Educational Services, we have a personalized training course specified for the following community care facilities;

  • Group Home (GH),
  • Adult Residential Facility (ARF)
  • Short TermResidential Therapeutic Centers (STRT) 
  • Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)

Group Home administrator course, approved by the Administrator Certification Section (ACS); This program is outlined to help secure that persons employed as administrators for community care facilities, demonstrate and maintain knowledge regarding the desired care of facility residents.

​Students will gain required knowledge and apply all skills taught at the end of the course. Students must take a standardized test administered by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS); passing the exam at 70%. Upon completion of the course, students will demonstrate knowledge in:

  • Management/Supervision of Staff
  •  Business Operations, Laws and Regulations
  • Admission and Assessment Retention and Non-Discrimination
  •  Emergency Intervention (Non-Violent)
  •  Community Support and Service
  •  Cultural Competency
  • Psych/Social Education Needs, Physical Needs and Medication.